Adding Outdoor Quality to Our Lives

There certainly is great pleasure in beholding a well-planned & carefully maintained garden. There is also something to be said for the process. Some people meditate, read, cook or knit cat sweaters.
We all create in different ways, but getting outside and into the dirt is some of the best physical and emotional therapy there is.

According to the American Horticultural Therapy Association (
A therapeutic garden is a plant-dominated environment purposefully designed to facilitate interaction with the healing elements of nature. Interactions can be passive or active depending on the garden design and users’ needs. There are many sub-types of therapeutic gardens including healing gardens, enabling gardens, rehabilitation gardens, and restorative gardens.”

Interacting with nature in this way can also be so educational. With all our combined years of experience at Green View, you’d think we’d have seen it all. Not so. There is always something new and interesting to learn. It’s a wonderful way to engage children as well. Check out the interesting “Endeavour” program Kew Gardens has developed to function with UK classrooms.

There are several recent studies about how time amongst the plants can improve our lives. Here are a couple articles I really enjoyed - let me know what you think!

Longevity thru gardening
Healing with horticultural therapy

Retail Products from the Green View Mulch Yard

Did you know that behind our shop exists a mulch yard? We are happy to load your truck or trailer with soil, mulch or baled goods. Delivery is also available.

Drive-Thru Process
Pull behind the shop near the product you would like. If no one is in the yard, come on inside & we will get you sorted. With our three-quarter yard bobcat bucket we can get a pickup, dump truck or trailer all loaded quite efficiently.

From Top to Bottom: Plain Topsoil, Conditioned Topsoil, McGills “Soil Builder” Compost & Fill Dirt

Top Left to Right: Dark Hardwood, Pine Bark Mini Nuggets & Pine Bark Blend
Bottom Left to Right: Dyed Red, Dyed Brown, Cedar & Bargain Mix

Baled Goods
Top to Bottom: Long Leaf Pine Needles & Wheat Straw

& More
Left to Right: Masonry Sand, Screenings, Pallets of Stone, Bagged Goods

Field Tested Products We Love

Keeping current on innovative products and services means that Green View can help you attain the best function as well as elegance and beauty in your outdoor living spaces. While there are always creative and interesting new resources flooding the market, here are some of the companies with high standards that we often turn to.

Your Outdoor Space

What are your outdoor dreams and what is the space in which you are working? Is this an area for entertaining, quiet contemplation or perhaps the playground for a rambunctious family? What are the practical aspects of this area?

Commercial Properties
See what a thoughtful landscape can do for your business! Consider your customer and employee experience. What is your product? How can the environment around this workspace inspire & showcase the qualities you want to project?

Beauty & Function
Years in the Greensboro area, years in the field, continually furthering our education & constantly building relationships with so many fabulous vendors brings out the best. Starting with our designs, you will discover the array of options and knowledge Green View provides can inspire an initial thought into a whole new realm.

How Much Mulch Does it Take?

Folks often find it rather confusing to determine how much mulch or soil they will require to finish out a bed. It's worth getting a rough estimate on square footage and depth.

Once you have this information, it's a pretty simple equation to figure out cubic yardage. Divide that total by 0.75 and you have the number of Green View scoops your project will require.

Most pickup trucks accommodate 2 scoops (be advised that the soil can weigh quite a bit, especially when it gets a bit of rain).

Call us or if you would like to do the math yourself, here is our guide:

Coverage per ¾ yard scoop / bale
Mulches: 8’ x 8’, 3” deep
Soils, Screenings & Sand: 7’ x 7’, 3” deep
Pine Needles: 30 square feet – per bale

Measurements & Math
Step 1: sq. ft. x Depth = cubic feet
Step 2: cubic feet / 27 (1 cu. yd. / 27 cu. ft.) = cubic yard
Step 3: cubic yard / .75 (cu. yd.) = # of scoops

Depth Chart

1” = .08     7” = .58
2” = .17     8” = .67
3” = .25     9” = .75
4” = .33    10” = .83
5” = .42    11” = .92
6” = .5      12” = 1.0

150 sq. ft. x .25(3”) = 37.5 cubic feet
37.5 / 27 = 1.39 cubic yard
1.39 / .75 = 1.85 # of scoops*
*round up to the nearest whole scoop

Turf Mix
½ scoop McGill's "Soil Builder" compost + ½ scoop plain topsoil

Garden Mix
½  scoop McGill's "Soil Builder" compost + ½ scoop conditioned topsoil

Landscape Bed Mix
½ scoop McGill's "Soil Builder" compost + ½ scoop plain topsoil + 1 scoop conditioned topsoil

(It takes 1 ½ scoops of soil mix to fill a 4’ x 8’, 12” deep raised bed)

Year Round Installation and Construction

Your Investment
Watching your project take the first steps beyond design discussions can be an exciting time. It becomes real and the time you spent going over small details starts to all make sense. This is going to be a very beautiful and permanent change to your space! It is worth considering that you are also giving appeal to a potential future property buyer.
Just ask any realtor and they will tell you all about “curb appeal” for adding resale value. However, also do consider the “joy” factor. According to a recent report from the National Association of Realtors, both of these factors come to the surface & show landscape as an investment worth making.

Attention To Detail
You are trusting us to create something special. We put forth 100% with each project, utilizing years of education and experience. At the end, we don’t want to leave thinking that it is anything less than our very best.

Clear Communication
Our designer will work closely with the building supervisor throughout your project. We plan out carefully, pulling necessary permits, marking public utilities and such. Invariably, weather gets in the way and sometimes unexpected situations do arise (for example, changes/additions to plans, waiting on inspections, previously undiscovered drainage issues, etc). In such cases, we will keep you apprised of any new situations and how they may affect your budget, timeline and finished project.

We Deliver!

Green View offers a wide range of products including bulk & baled items. Our delivery truck is able to accommodate up to twenty scoops of mulch (which with heaping, comes out to roughly 17 yards) or ten scoops of soil (7.5 yards). Furthermore, we can deliver up to one hundred and twenty-five bales of pine needles per load.
*Be advised that we are limited to bringing one type of bulk good per delivery as we have no way of separating various products on our truck.

“Fresh To You” Program
While the plants which we keep on-site are reserved for landscape jobs, let us check our network of the best local nurseries to locate trees, shrubs, vines & ornamental grasses at the size & price for your situation. We can arrange to deliver plant material (over $50 worth + regular delivery fee) or you can swing by when it arrives at the shop.

Pricing and Availability
Our price per scoop or per bale for delivery is the same as you would find picking up at our shop. There is a competitive delivery rate, which is based on distance.
Availability is usually no problem with most of our products. However, if you will be requiring several full loads of a mulch or soil, it is helpful for us to know in advance.

When placing an order, we will need your name, the address of delivery and a telephone number that the driver can reach you at should any difficulties arise. Please consider where the material is needed and ease of access. We can come out most work days and Saturday mornings.

Adding Outdoor Quality to Our Lives

There certainly is great pleasure in beholding a well-planned & carefully maintained garden. There is also something to be said for the ...